9 Top Body Image Worries (And Why We Should Stop Worrying)

While this article is not LGBTQ-related, I think members of the LGBTQ Community can definitely relate to struggling with body image issues, especially while discovering their identity. Check it out.

Body image. The two dreaded words that refer to the image of your physical appearance.

Living in a world where image is thrown at us all over the media and weight loss campaigns make millions, it can be hard to not worry about how you look. Here’s 9 of the top body image worries, along with some advice on how to combat them.

1. “My thighs are so big.”


Legs, like your thighs, can be big insecurities for people, especially with the thigh gap obsessions and thinspiration. While I do admit to falling into this trap of how my thighs should look, remember that the thigh gap is based on your body structure. It can not be achieved by everyone, and has nothing to do with the number on the scale.

There’s one reason right off the bat to stop worrying about your thighs — the size and form has a lot to do with your body’s natural structure. Also, appreciate your thighs — they carry the largest muscles of your body.

2. “My hair is so ___!


Whether the blank be short, long, thin or thick, people often complain about their hair. Remember your hair is a great way to express your style and appearance and you should use it to that advantage. Your hair is something you can really be creative with, no matter what it looks like. So take this time to check out YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest for fun styles, or haircuts for the new year.

3. “I really wish I had a flatter stomach.”


With summer comes beach. With beach comes bathing suits. No matter your identity, the flat stomach always seems to be a body image goal. Try taking this time instead to not be so focused on it. Don’t “suck it in” for photos, and try to just flaunt the body you have, and learn to love it the way it is.

4. “My arms are so flabby.”

A few months ago, my sister told me something really funny. She had just gotten her hair done and she was saying how the hairstylists mentioned that they specifically strengthen their arms so their arm fat is not “flabbing” around while they style people’s hair.

I thought arm fat was really nothing people noticed until she mentioned that it’s a common concern of hair stylists. Just like fat anywhere else on your body, it may get stored in your arms, and just like your stomach, you learn to accept it.

5. “My feet are too big/small.”


Less fat, more muscle, often seems to be in most people’s minds. Many people want to be toned, and that’s perfectly fine. There are plenty of exercises and workouts to help you get the results you want, if you wish to gain muscle. But remember your strength doesn’t come all physically; it’s a lot of mental strength. Your mindset on accepting your body weight is a lot more than how many weights you can lift at the gym.

So maybe you should stop worrying so much about your physical appearance and toned look, and more about your mental strength. I think it’ll serve you better in the long run.

6. “I’m too short (or tall).”


Just like shoes, height is a complaint on one’s image. When you are around tall people, you may wish to be tall, or even when short people complain, maybe you wish you were a few inches shorter. This one is really something you are just going to have to live with and learn to accept. The main reason you should stop worrying about this is because there is really no changing it.

7. (For those of you who have them …) “My boobs are ___!”

Sorry for those who don’t have to worry about this, but I had to add it. Whether that blank is small, big, uneven, flat, or all of the above, breasts can be a big body insecurity. No matter what yours look like, try to look at the positive side of things. Just like height, there is always someone who is wishing they had yours. While you can get surgery to change this one, try to think of it as something that makes you different.

8. “I wish I didn’t care how I look. But the truth is, I do.”


I think everyone falls into this one. Even me, writing this article, I cannot say I don’t have body image worries for my own body. Especially at the age of most college students, as we grow older and are faced with society’s pressures, they are very common. Along with all these realizations and ideas, try to remember you are much more than your appearance.

I’m sure you are beautiful, but you also hold dreams and ideas and talents that go way beyond all these worries. Don’t “suck it in” and flaunt what you got, because you are like no one else!

Remember, a lifeless measuring tape will never measure your worth. You are NOT your weight and size and you ARE beautiful!

Originally posted on uloop.com.


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