Best LGBTQ Moments on Television

Many television shows don’t have LGBTQ characters in them. According to GLAAD Reports, in 2014, there were only “33 reoccurring LGBT characters on primetime broadcast series.”

With so few, it can be hard to find the ones that do. Here’s a list of some of the best LGBTQ moments in television shows, whether still on television or not. I hope it helps you find your next Netflix binge if you’re interested.

1. Skins

Skins UK and US both have LGBTQ characters. As I wrote in my article about Skins UK, there is one lesbian couple that is followed through a whole generation of two seasons, as well as a gay male couple. In Skins US, one of the main characters is a lesbian, Tea, in the first and only series of the U.S. show.

This show did a really good job of incorporating different personalities and identities, and luckily did not leave out the LGBTQ Community. This scene between the prominent “Naomily” is definitely one for the books.

2. Degrassi: The Next Generation

Degrassi: The Next Generation is another show that never fails to incorporate all different identities and stories within its dramatic storyline. It’s had bisexual Paige, multiple gay men (Marco, Dylan, Zane, Riley, and Tristan), and a couple lesbians (Fiona, Imogen, and Alex). Not to mention Adam, the show’s first transgender character.

They’ve done a great job at including so many identities within the acronym, throughout the over 14 year long series. This scene is a great example of the personal struggles and challenges transgender individuals face, and that it is NOT a choice.


3. Faking It

While Faking It focuses a lot on Amy’s sexuality and her love for her best friend Karma, there is also her step sister Lauren and her identity as intersex. Intersex is the term used for a variety of medical conditions in which a person is born with chromosomes, genitalia, and/or secondary sexual characteristics that are inconsistent with the typical definition of a male or female body.

Individuals are not always aware that they have this condition, but it is an identity that some choose to share. While this show also focuses on sexual orientation, Lauren displays the struggle of coming out as intersex. It is really new in television to have someone identify as intersex, and brings in great education moments and awareness.

4. Transparent

It is not very common for adults to come out as transgender, but it is amazing what visibility this show is bringing to society. Hopefully watching the ignorance and hate that oftentimes occurs will teach viewers to accept transgender folks and realize that they are just being themselves.

Although there’s only been one season, this Amazon series given an awesome depiction of a family’s life as their parent is transitioning later in life. The show also plays on the children’s sexuality, which makes it diverse and relatable for many different audiences.

 5. The Fosters

While currently the only TV show I watch on ABC Family is Pretty Little Liars, I might have to start watching The Fosters. This show also features LGBTQ parents, women Stef and Lena, who are foster parents of multiple children. One of them, Cole, is transgender.

Another child of theirs, Jude, I believe has still not been labeled as LGBTQ, but is exploring his sexuality, and kissed another male. It’s known to be the youngest same-sex kiss on television, and commended because it is the story of a young male exploring his sexuality. Between same-sex parents, Jude’s exploration, and Cole’s transition, this show is really portraying a lot of identities within the LGBTQ Community, which is great.

6. South of Nowhere

South of Nowhere has to be my favorite LGBTQ show of all times, so if you’re looking for a good one, definitely check it out. It came on the same channel as Degrassi,but unlike that show, it only lasted three seasons. It follows the lives of a group of high school students, and tells the story of Spencer and Ashley. Spencer comes out as gay and her parents have a very hard time accepting it, and a lot the show follows that, as well as their relationship. This show is unique because it really shows viewers Spencer finding herself and the personal struggles she faces.



There are only so many television series that have LGBTQ characters. I hope this list helps you out if you’re looking for a good LGBTQ-related television series.
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