Best LGBTQ Secrets on Whisper

Whisper is an app that lets people share anonymous secrets with the world. It can be very liberating to share personal secrets and opinions and being able to not have your name attached to it.

Here’s some of the best LGBTQ themed Whisper secrets.


A lot of LGBTQ-related Whispers seemed to be about coming out, probably because it is often a very big deal for LGBTQ individuals and is oftentimes a daily decision. It’s fun to see that it does not have to be a serious talk and can really be done casually, under certain circumstances.


This is obviously interesting because many church camps probably would not expect LGBTQ individuals to attend their camps. However, it shows the fact that religious people can identify as LGBTQ.


A common stereotype is that if you support LGBTQ rights, you do so because they pertain to your life and your identity. But many people support the community even though they don’t identify simply because they realize it is an oppressed group and we need all the support we can get.


Some people have stories identifying their sexuality or gender identity since they were young and this is a funny example of that. Another might be a male playing with barbies or a female not liking them.


As I said, coming out does not always have to be a serious, scary conversation. This also goes with the response. It’s great when people not only respond positively, but really make the individual comfortable by giving a funny response like this.


Whisper is not only a place for secrets, but also for positive messages like this. I love the last line, “your identity is valid” because it is. Your identity is who you are and no one can take that away, so embrace it!


Transgender individuals are the most oppressed of the LGBTQ Community, so it’s great to see direct support to that group.

901aed25bea005105c2fc763c005f62cThis Whisper makes a really good point! Not only are they supporting the same-sex marriage decision, but also making points on how it will directly benefit society.


Here’s another positive coming out of Whisper, but from a parent, which is always great to see. Not all parents are accepting of their LGBTQ children, so it’s amazing to hear positive stories and responses from parents.


This Whisper is another supportive one that is directed towards the whole community. It’s wonderful that this person realized and shared that just one fake Whisper got so much hate. It shows people the reality of the mistreatment of LGBTQ individuals, as well as showing them support.

Whisper is kind of similar to Yik Yak in that it is anonymous messages. It gives great freedom to people, especially when they don’t feel comfortable saying it aloud, or maybe don’t have anyone to say it to. It can also be a platform for positive messages and support. I hope you enjoyed these Whisper secrets directed at the LGBTQ Community.

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