7 Funny LGBTQ Memes

Memes hold some of the funniest jokes out there. LGBTQ memes are some of the best because sometimes not everyone understands the joke, and it becomes an “inside the community” laugh. Here’s 7 funny ones I’ve found.


This is what inspired me to write this article. The identity pansexual can often be assumed as having some connection to pans in the kitchen. But really, “pan” just refers to all, meaning being attracted to everyone regardless of their gender identity or biological sex. This is where the phrase “I like people” often correlates with pansexuality. This meme is just a joke making the silly connection to pans in the kitchen.


One of the many stereotypes of gay men is that they are fashionable. Here’s another connection to the idea of closets, that is actually quite funny.


Ellen! This quote of hers is hilarious and expresses her identity so well. I’d also like to add how the article on the site is called “Ellen knows how to espresso herself.” Perfection!


I think there are similiar memes for other LGBTQ identities but I liked this one. It really depicts the oftentimes “confusing” life of a bisexual and the stereotypes that go along with it. But as you can see, they really are just regular people.


This is a great representation of being against the gender binary system. Hopefully it’s not taken as seeing individuals outside the binary as not normal. I like to look at it as not everyone wants to conform to the gender binary, and would really just like to be themselves.


“Creepy Willy Wonka” is the perfect figure to advertise gay marriage rights. This meme really is stating the exact point of why gay marriage is so controversial when weddings don’t really involve Everyone.


This meme states the truth because you should always ask what a person’s preferred gender pronouns are. It’s hilarious to use a Mean Girls reference.

Pictures and words are great together for representing messages, like quotes or just funny jokes. We all know LGBTQ individuals need a laugh sometimes to escape society’s pressures, or stresses of acceptance and bullying. Regardless of who’s reading this, I hope it gave you a laugh.

Originally posted on uloop.com.


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