Stereotypes of the LGBTQ Community

In society, we have tons of stereotypes for different age groups, identities, and people in general. You may have heard, “They’re the stereotypical college student.”

This gets even more specific when you narrow it down into different communities or identities. For example: the LGBTQ Community. Here’s some stereotypes the community has.


1. Lesbians have short hair.


Many stereotypes have to do with appearance. When a girl has short hair, she is often stereotyped as a lesbian. Sometimes, girls even worry when getting their hair cut, thinking “Oh I don’t want to look like a lesbian.”

While it may be true for some, it is not some crazy requirement that a girl has to cut their hair because they identify as a lesbian. So basically, girls with short hair don’t all identify as a lesbian, and girls with long hair don’t all identify as straight.

2. Lesbians dress like men.


There are two categories that lesbians typically fall into: butch and femme. However, I think it can be said that many people outside the community don’t realize that lesbians do dress feminine, and that not all dress more like men.

This stereotype can make it hard for the lesbian community, making them feel like they have to conform to society’s expectations of how they dress. There’s also this idea that femme lesbians are often in relationships with butch lesbians. This isn’t true either.

Gay Men

1. Gay men are fashionable and feminine.


It is often assumed that men that dress fashionably identify as gay. This also goes for having feminine gestures or body language. I think it goes to the idea that same-gender loving individuals act or dress like the opposite gender. But it’s not true, there is a lot diversity within the community.

2. Gay men have lisps.


This is a really big one. From what I read, it seems that the lisp is SOMETIMES acquired over time, but not always. Despite the fact that not ALL gay men have this lisp, the stereotype has made society believe that. Again, this is NOT true!

Transgender Individuals

1. Transgender individuals are gay.

Complex Human.png

As I think I’ve mentioned in my other articles, gender and sexual orientation are two different things. You can’t tell someone’s orientation by their gender identity. Transgender individuals are part of the LGBTQ Community, but that does not mean they identify as gay.

An individual’s choice to transition most likely has nothing to do with their sexual orientation, because as I said, it’s different than gender identity. This being said, some transgender individuals do identify as gay, or any of the other sexual identities.

2. Transgender individuals hate their bodies.


While it can be hard to have the feeling you were born in the wrong body and that certain features do not fit who you really are, it does not necessarily mean you hate your body. Additionally, some individuals choose to transition making body modifications to look physically like the gender they identify with.

However, whether they choose to make these modifications or not, not all transgender individuals hate their bodies, and may decide to just be who they are no matter how they look physically. Either way, they should be accepted for who they are.

The Queer Community

1. The Community is scared and closeted.


Since the LGBTQ Community is an oppressed minority, it is often hard for individuals to come out and openly be who they are. I would consider this a stereotype that others believe members are always afraid and often closet themselves and who they are.

But this isn’t true! There are many out and proud individuals who are happy to share their identities with everyone, even if it’s risking acceptance and possible harm. While it would be great if the LGBTQ Community was accepted by everyone, it’s not. However, many individuals choose to not hold back who they are and be themselves.

2. The Community is not religious.


I think one of the fears members of the LGBTQ Community have especially correlates with those who are religious because not all religions are accepting. While it is certainly true that some religious individuals don’t identify or affiliate with LGBTQ individuals for their own beliefs, this is not true for all religious individuals. Likewise, some LGBTQ individuals are religious.


Stereotypes and societal pressures are all around us, but especially prominent within different identities and communities. But oftentimes they are just labeling some or maybe a majority of individuals, but not all. I hope this helped you realize that, and recognize the silly stereotypes within the LGBTQ Community.

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