My Favorite Activist

A fun fact about me is that before I decided to pursue activism for the LGBTQ Community, I was actually set on writing for fashion. Before I started this blog, I had a fashion blog. I actually recently just decided to stop running it, but I took people’s pictures on campus, similar to Humans of New York. However, my interests changed and I’d really like to focus on my passion.

We all have those inspiring people in our lives, who we may or may not know personally, and I wanted to share mine with you. She’s the person who really made me say, “Wow I want to do what you do.” Her name is Melissa A. Fabello. While she focuses mostly on sexuality and feminism, as things like body image and media literacy, I really love her videos and her work. She’s currently the editor of Everyday Feminism and speaks at different venues as an educator. Here’s my favorite video of hers and one that is LGBTQ-related, that I also really like. Be sure to check her out!

“It’s estimated that women typically think about weight and diets for 21 minutes per day. That if you combine all of your stray ‘I shouldn’t eat that’ comments or ‘Am I getting fat’ questions, it would add up to twenty one minutes per day. I’m surprised that it’s that low actually, but when you think about it over 67 years of life that equates to 355 days, almost an entire year…now imagine what you could do in a year?”

“Raise your hand if you’re a lesbian woman that the reason that you’re probably guy is that you haven’t met the right guy yet…”

“And if you’re watching this video you’ve probably already done the hard part, coming out to yourself.”



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