A Note on Allyship

The definition I feel really encompasses, provided by my university’s LGBTQ Center defines an ally as someone who:

  1. Believes that it is in their self-interest to be an ally to LGBTQ individuals
  2. is committed to developing an understanding of LGBTQ issues and works to be comfortable with their knowledge of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression
  3. Works to understand how patterns of oppression operate, is willing to identify oppressive acts, and challenges the oppressive behaviors of others to all oppressed groups
  4. Finds ways to confront and combat homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, cissexism, and heterosexism
  5. Chooses to align with LGBTQ individuals and represents their needs — especially when they are unable to do so themselves
  6. Promotes a sense of community with LGBTQ individuals and teaches others about the importance of these communities
  7. Encourages others to advocate for the LGBTQ community

While this definition is fine and great, being an ally is challenging, as I pointed on here. Another thing about allyship, is that it is an identity, the identity of an ally. In the same way that one has a gender and sexual identity, an ally is another identity one can take one.

Finally, and I think there is a lot misconceptions about this: straight allies. Yes, people who don’t identify as LGBTQ are often know as allies. But remember: You can be an ally if you identity within the LGBTQ Community.


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