A note on Equality

If you haven’t noticed, the LGBTQ Community is a minority.

While we do have some rights, we only got marriage equality, something that many people take for granted, last year. There is this fear associated with identifying within the community for this problem: we don’t have equal rights.

The LGBTQ Movement referred to this struggle to get the same rights, and just to educate people on issues that keep people from understanding that queer individuals exist and that there’s nothing wrong with that.

This education doesn’t have to be through conversation. It can simply done through one of my favorite words: visibility. This simply means making the LGBTQ Community visible to others. Outlets like social media, television, books, and even apparel can do this. Unfortunately, visibility on television can be hard to find.

According to the 2015-2016 GLAAD report, looking at anticipated casts and the LGBTQ representation, regular characters on primetime, scripted television shows, or shows that typically play between 8 and 11pm, 96% (846) straight-identitying, while only 4% (35) will be LGBT.

So what can you do?

  • Regarding social media, you your personal accounts to bring visibility. Share current events regarding the LGBTQ Community, or links to favorite blogs or sites (like this one!)
  • If you’re comfortable, make a statement with LGBTQ positive shirts/clothing with inspiration sayings, wear LGBTQ-themed pins.

Equality is something almost everyone strives for because it’s just, well, fair. This can be seen in other circles too, like gender equality within feminism. Do your part!


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